Hi Friends & Fans!

I currently spends most of my time performing with the 70s Project, the Dave Brunette Band , as well as occasionally stripping it down to Duo and Solo gigs. My musical style is a combination of edgy and raw rock roots mixed with Pop, Blues, Jazz and classical. Inspired by the likes of Jeff Beck, Leslie West, Jimi Hendrix, J.S. Bach, Larry Carlton, Pat Metheny etc. 

"One thing that I am passionate about is the need for people to see and hear music as it is created right there on that stage. I don't care if the guy got the horn lines right. Did he invent something that brought the music to a different level? Did he pull something out of his soul? Did the person singing the song make me believe that his dog just died? I could dislike the music and still get goose bumps from the performance. That's the beauty of live music." 


I hope you come out see see one of my/our performances soon.

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